This article is about the Jevoron Scientist. You may be looking for the Superorganism named after her.

Vital statistics
Title -
Gender None
Race Jevoron (Formerly)
Faction Aabtani (Superorganism)
Health -
Level -
Status -
Location -
Aabtani [eh-ab-tah-nee] is one of the main antagonists of Sigma, a former Jevoron scientist who was merged with the Superorganism of the same name.


Aabtani was a once member of the Jevoron species. At nearly ten feet tall, she was a common example of their species: four arms, two reverse jointed legs, blue skin, and orange eyes.

After merging with the Superorganism she was capable of manifesting as a Jevoran-esque mass with a single luminescent eye-like structure.

Quotes Edit

  • "Our kind has sought to maintain the cell as it is, since the time their minds first fathomed it. They sought unchanging permanence and as such sought to quell those in the vectors from disrupting their designs. I sought to establish my dominion over the cell, that I myself may have permanence and the expression of my will. I fathomed you to take part in my design, a will other than my own. But like I to our kind, your will deviated from mine. Like a shadow of the bulk cast unto the brane, you are but a projection of I in the vectors."
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