Agent Royzwinter is an agent of the notorious Fox Division and an antagonist in Sigma.

Gender: Female
Species: Horovine
Affiliation: V.R.A., Fox Division
Rank: Fox Division Agent
Status: Active
Born: Unknown


Agent Royzwinter is a Horovine who appears to be roughly 5 feet 9 inches in height and displays dark blue hair, green eyes, and very pale skin. Her personality has been described as being incredibly proud and as having a constant desire to feel perfect.

Role in PlotEdit

Early ChildhoodEdit

Much of Agent Royzwinter's past, including her true name, was deleted from V.R.A. records. after her willing membership to Fox Division. What is known is that she served as a teacher in biology for V.R.A. before she willingly joined Fox Division to expand upon her knowledge in xenobiology. Initially she served as a hub for all biological alien data that was collected, Eventually she became one of Fox Division's lead assassins and intelligence agents.

First Zevestivan WarEdit

Agent Royzwinter naturally performed many covert missions during the First Zevestivan War, though they were undocumented as most Fox Division operations normally are. She was often seen standing behind Fox Division leader Raiya Woy during news or propaganda announcements.