Fig. 1.1: The Ankylosaur (circa 13449 HSY)

The Ankylosaur is a modified Raptor Artillery Battleship, and serves as the personal command ship of Colonel Lyon Stein. It has seen action in over a dozen major battles and countless skirmishes, and is one of the most recognized ships in the V.R.A..

Captain: Colonel Lyon Stein (13448 HSY - Present)
Class: Modified Raptor Artillery Battleship
Affiliation: Vederiction of Resource Alliance
Crew: 1200
Armaments: 36 broadside Flak Cannons, 2 Intersystem Artillery Launchers
Power Source: 3 large fusion reactors
Propulsion: 18 single xenon ignition thrusters
Role: Heavy Artillery Battleship/Command Ship
Constructed: 13448 HSY
Status: Active Service

History Edit

Pre-Sigma Edit

The Ankylosaur was one of the fleet command ships at the Bombing of Jevoron Prime, and was responsible for much of the damage done to the Jevoron Homeworld. It also engaged in a number of smaller skirmishes near the periphery of the system when the fleet arrived. It suffered little damage, as it was able to stay out of range of the Jevoron weaponry.

First Zevestivan War Edit

Following the devastation of the Jevoron homeworld, the ship's commander, Colonel Stein, became very disillusioned with the V.R.A., and became a double agent on behalf of the U.C.. The ship was present at almost all of the major battles during the First Zevestivan War, and was used in many cases for propaganda purposes, both internally and against the Zevestivan Empire.

Appearances Edit

  • The Ankylosaur serves as Colonel Stein's ship and is playable in Sigma
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