Fig. 1.1: Stained Glass portrayal of Azkaraz

Azkaraz [ahz-kuh-rahz] is an important religious and leader figure in Zevestivan Faith.


Azkaraz seems to have no official meaning, though her name could be a play on the words "Azak" and "Karaz" meaning "To Not Waiver."


Azkaraz is often portrayed with a with a dominant golden crown, a red Zomah gown and green Zardu Belt.

Role in Zevestivan FaithEdit

Azkaraz was the daughter of Zolthyia and the third Matriarch of the Covenant of Velothi which was founded by her grandmother Malzazta with Azalyn and the divine figure Kazaryl. Unlike her mother and grandmother, Azkaraz never married or had children out of a desire to end the line of Matriarchs after heeding the words of Kolzkolnolt. Upon Azkaraz's death she was venerated as a Saint.

Zev ChurchMalza1

Fig 2.1: Zevestivan Command Church depicting stained glass of Malzazta (Left), Zolthyia (Center), and Azkaraz (Right).


  • Stained glass depictions of Azkaraz may appear on Command Churches built by a Zevestivan player in Sigma.
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