Fig. 1.1: Bob the Bartender.

Bob, almost always referred to as Bob the Bartender, is a mysterious comedic figure in Sigma.

Gender: Unknown (claims to be male)
Species: Unknown
Affiliation: Unknown
Occupation: Bartender
Status: Unknown
Born: Unknown


Bob is an individual of an unknown race, and though he claims to be male it is unknown what his true gender is, if any. He is characterized by a large head with two well-defined cerebral lobes and two small, beady eyes. His mouth seems to be characterized with two soft mandibles of some sort that constantly excrete saliva. He is roughly 5 feet, 2 inches in height and displays a very slim build and a set of tentacled legs. His personality is often described as unpredictable, random, and spontaneously ridiculous.

Role in PlotEdit

First Zevestivan WarEdit

Bob remained largely unknown during the First Zevestivan War, though it was around this time the V.R.A. discovered his base of operations, simply known as Bob's Bar. When communications were established with Bob by Commander William Hawksin it was revealed that he sold "Alcohol, weapons of all sorts, and women's undergarments" to his customers.


  • Bob appears as a map option for skirmish and multiplayer in Sigma. Triggering this map option will spawn Bob's Bar on a map where a player can hire various mercenaries and purchase various items.
  • Bob was considered an inside joke during the development of Sigma as a comic. The creator and his immediate friends used Bob as a placeholder name for every character until an appropriate name was decided on. The comic relief character of Bob ended up keeping the name.