CanadianBorg is the 3D modeler, spriter, .odf fixer, and chief wiki editor on the Sigma project.
CanadianBorg Forum Pic

CanadianBorg's avatar and overall logo during all online activities.

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Affiliation: Canadian
Rank: 3D Modeler, Spriter, .odf Fixer, Chief Wiki Editor
Occupation: Gainfully Unemployed
Status: Active
Born: 1993 Anno Domini

Role In Sigma Edit

CanadianBorg is the project's only (as of 2009) 3D modeler, and is also responsible creating sprite entries, fixing broken .odf and .tt files, and writing a majority of the articles on the Sigma Wiki. He is also doing minor concept work for a land combat feature, far in the future of the Sigma project.

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