Centus IV is a medium-sized swamp planet located in the Centus system. It is rumored to be a base for a number of major pirate cartels. It has two moons, each approximately one-sixth of the size of the planet. It also features a large, colorful ring around its equator.

System: Centus
Diameter: 17389 kilometers
Satellites: 2 acidic moons
Climate: Heavy rainfall, constant fog
Planetary Classification: Gaia (Forest)
Distance To Star: Centus A: 1.25 AU

Centus B: 1.5 AU

Affiliation: Pirate
Population: 0 permanent, as many as 20,000 pirates
Discovered: 13320 HSY
Founded/Colonized: No official colony
Role: Pirate base
Status: Active pirate base

History Edit

Pre-Sigma Edit

The planet was discovered by the colony ship New Horovine in 13320 HSY, just prior to its crash on Centus XIV.

Climate Edit

The climate of Centus IV is best described as wet. The average annual rainfall in most regions is approximately 100 cm, and large swaths of the planet are often covered in fog. The average annual temperature is approximately 25 degrees Celsius, and atmospheric humidity usually approaches 100%. The growing season is year-round, although the brackish water discourages most non-indigenous plants. There is little seasonal variation.

Geology Edit

The planet is remarkably stable, with few large geological events since its discovery. It also has a large system of caves running throughout the planet. In fact, the crust is quite porous, although most of these caves are filled with water.

Geography Edit

The planet has no oceans, and is instead covered from pole to pole in swamps. Some of the swamps are large enough to qualify as mini-lakes, and a few are visible from orbit with the naked eye. The caves are also very large, and most are filled with water. Many of them are huge rooms, with more than a cubic kilometer of space inside. It is unknown why most of the water on the planet is salty, and the only fresh water is contained in a small layer located approximately 20 meters below the surface.