The Centus system is a large, binary star system located approximately 0.75 light-years from Horovine. It has twenty planets, as well as six separate asteroid belts.

Stars Edit

One of the Centus stars is a typical, medium-sized yellow star, estimated at approximately 6-7 billion years old. The other is a small white dwarf, approximately one-sixth of the size of the other star. They orbit each other at distance of approximately 40 light-minutes at maximum distance, and only 5 light-minutes at minimum distance. This highly elliptical orbit is believed to be shortening the lifespans of both stars due to the interaction of their gravitational fields. The time it takes the stars to complete one orbit is approximately 10 days.

Geography Edit

The system has a total of twenty planets, the majority of which are barren rock or desert worlds. There are also six asteroid belts located throughout the system.

List of Bodies Edit

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