Chasen Lindsey, also known as the Undying Nephalim, is the original creator of Sigma, concept artist, and general manager.

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Affiliation: Himself
Rank: Concept Artist, .odf Writer, Map Maker, Texture Artist
Occupation: Bashing games made only for financial profit
Status: Active
Born: 1990

Role in SigmaEdit

The Undying Nephalim originally created Sigma as a small comic series called Beyond Earth in 2002. It ran for 203 pages until he decided to quit and pursue other projects. Early in 2009 he decided to resurrect his ideas and use the Armada II engine to create a video game adaptation of his old comic. He is a general overseer of progress and his primary tasks include developing concept art and writing the .odf files needed to make everything work in Armada II.

Other ProjectsEdit

  • UndyingNephalim is the creator of the Legend of Zelda Fan Games The Fallen Sage and Time's Menegerie, as well as the LOZ RTS Hyrule: Total War.
  • He is also creator of Star Fox: Event Horizon, an attempt to revive the classic gameplay of the Starfox series in the Freespace Open engine.
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