Edward William Hawksin
Vital statistics
Title Commander, E.W.
Gender None (Male-Personality)
Race Horovine
Faction Vederiction of Resource Alliance
Health -
Level -
Status -
Location -
Edward William Hawksin, commonly going by the nickname E.W., is a prominent V.R.A. military officer and the adopted parent of Norin.


Hawksin is a rare Horovine who emulates the appearance and psychology of his Human creators. He possesses simulated flesh and brown hair, with one green or hazel eye. The right side of his face retains its mechanical nature, appearing as metallic with glowing green cybernetic lines, and his right eye glows bright green.

While he wears the stadard military officer's uniform, Hawksin displays his individuality through a pair of Teashade sunglasses.

Hawksin, as opposed to other Horovine, possesses strong emotions, showing an interest in concepts such as religion and curiosity. He also displays empathy, as displayed by his adoption of Norin.

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