Fig. 1.1: Stained Glass portrayal of Erikah Zabeth

Erikah Zabeth [ur-ee-kah-zah-beth] (Elder Zevestivak: Erikazabeth; Direct VRA : Erika'Zabeth ) is sacred religious figure of Zevestivan Faith.


Erikah Zabeth roughly translates to "Pure and Clean." (Erikah: Pure, ' : and, Zabeth: Clean).


Erikah Zabeth is usually described as a matriarchal and motherly figure, almost always with red tinted scales. She is often portrayed in lush red outfits with a virginal Zardu Belt. It is unknown if Erikah Zabeth was mortal or supernatural as this is never specified. She is often assumed to be mortal as there is mention of her childhood in several religious texts and her bearing a daughter. She is often associated with purity and marriage and many religious stories depict her becoming involved with others in those affairs.

Role in Zevestivan FaithEdit

Erikah Zabeth is a matron figure in Zevestivan religion, specifically associated with giving birth to the daughter Azalyn and establishing the Covenant of Velothi with Kazaryl and Malzazta. The virginal birth of Azalyn was prophesized by Monar Veloth in the Script of Makza ("She will bring forth a daughter of no mortal father, the one encircled in green.") Erikah Zabeth matched this description as she was host to a fatherless birth and was the only individual at the time whom always wore a notable green belt around her waist ("the one encircled in green.")

Erikah Zabeth's green belt, later known as a Zardu, is commonly attributed as the origin of using belts as a status identification amongst female Zevestivan. A solid green Zardu like Erikah Zabeth's is often worn by unmarried and/or virgin Zevestivan females, symbolizing purity. There are indications that using thick belts as a status indicator for woman may have originated earlier though, as Makzalech and several generations of queens had worn a belt of grey to indicate their royalty in the Script of Kazada ("She, Makzalech, was dressed in dark red and wore a thick belt of grey around her waist to let others know her role.)


  • Portrayals of Erikah Zabeth can be seen on various Zevestivan religious structures in Sigma, notably the Cathedral in orbit of Eurokan Prime.
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