Fig. 1.1: The Falcon Missile Cruiser.

The Falcon Missile Cruiser is a protoype vessel used by the V.R.A.. It is a small scale cruiser and only saw limited production.

Affiliation: Vederiction of Resource Alliance
Crew: 200
Armaments: 12 Ararite Missile tubes, 36 Cluster Ararite Missile tubes,
Power Source: 1 medium fusion reactor
Propulsion: 2 xenon ignition bar thrusters, 1 single xenon ignition thruster
Role: Medium Heavy Assault
Introduced: 13450 HSY
Current Version: A
Status: Active Service

Gameplay Edit

The Falcon Missile Cruiser is a medium tier assault ship available to the V.R.A. in Sigma. It can be constructed from any Shipyard Mainframe add-on if a player choses Soril Valash as their commanding officer. The Falcon is considered a mid-game heavy assault vessel ideal for softening up groups of enemy ships.

Falcons serve best as medium to long range assault vessels. They initially unleash a large volley of firepower, though over time their rate of fire decreases as their ammo count depletes and should fall back behind fleets while they restock and reload.

History Edit

Pre-Sigma Edit

The Falcon Missile Cruiser was designed to bring overwhelming firepower to the frontlines, though initial demonstrations proved that the vessel was more of a show of force rather then a bringer of one. While their initial barrage of missiles proved to be a terrific method of assault, many Colonels were displeased at how fast the ammo stores of the ship depleted and left the craft vulnerable. After the first dozen prototypes were built production of the Falcon for V.R.A. never began, though they were still available for construction at a commanding officer's request.

Prior to the First Zevestivan War, Commander Soril Valash requested several Falcon Missile Cruisers to be put under her command. She lead these vessels and a small fleet in an unprovoked attack of a Zevestivan Cathedral, leading to the start of the First Zevestivan War.

First Zevestivan War Edit

Falcons did not see much action during the First Zevestivan War and the few remaining at the time were eventually converted into other V.R.A. ships.

Appearances Edit

  • The Falcon Missile Cruiser is a buildable V.R.A. ship under Commander Soril Valash in Sigma.
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