Fig. 1.1:The Feldspar (circa 13449 HSY)

The Feldspar is a notable ship that served in the V.R.A. fleet.

Captain: Commander Soril Valash (13449 HSY - 13455 HSY), Commander Cordos Vadmir (13455 HSY - Present)
Class: Owl Missile Cruiser
Affiliation: Vederiction of Resource Alliance
Crew: 300
Armaments: 12 Ararite Missile tubes, 18 broadside Flak Cannons
Power Source: 1 medium fusion reactor
Propulsion: 3 xenon ignition bar thrusters
Role: Medium Range Battlecruiser
Constructed: 13449 HSY
Status: Retired as of 13464 HSY

History Edit

First Zevestivan WarEdit

The Feldspar's most notable achievements took place during the First Zevestivan War while under the command of Soril Valash. Several key battles that it participated in include the defense of Bayrco and the Battle of Hizeevak. Perhaps the Feldspar's more remarkable accomplishment was during a dogfight against the vastly superior Zevestivan dreadnaught, the Vegator, under command of Matriarch Kydora. Even with the help of support fire from the V.R.A. ship Torresque, the Feldspar was nearly destroyed in the fight. Taking advantage of the Vegator's exposed bridge, Commander Valash ordered a direct ramming course into the weak point. The resulting collision nearly ruptured the entire hull of the Feldspar and killed off a majority of the crew, but Matriarch Kydora was killed in the resulting blast and the Vegator suffered massive power failures. The astonishing victory caused V.R.A. engineers to desire a refit of the ship.

Appearances Edit

  • The Feldspar serves as Commander Valash's ship and is playable in Sigma
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