Fig. 1.1: The Flamestar

The Flamestar is the personal ship of General Geon E. Mokbel, and serves as the flagship of the V.R.A..

Captain: General Geon E. Mokbel (13448 HSY - 13454 HSY), Raiya Woy (13454 HSY)
Class: Modified Rex Battleship
Length: 727.63 meters
Beam: 422.3 meters
Affiliation: Vederiction of Resource Alliance, Fox Division
Crew: 1300
Armaments: 16 ZPM missile launchers, 6 broadside arrays containing 18 cannons each, 1 Intersystem Artillery Launcher, 2 large hangar bays
Power Source: 3 large fusion reactors
Propulsion: 18 single xenon ignition thrusters
Role: Heavy Battleship/Fleet Flagship
Constructed: 13449 HSY
Status: Destroyed in 13454 HSY

History Edit

Horovine-Jevoron Conflict Edit

The Flamestar was constructed just prior to the end of the Horovine-Jevoron Conflict, and participated in the annihalation of the Jevoron Homeworld.

First Zevestivan War Edit

The Flamestar was present at a number of major fleet actions during the First Zevestivan War, most notable the Battle of Hizeevak, and enjoyed success in all of them, due in large part to its versatility and the tactical genius of its commander. Mokbel's willingness to lead his troops into battle from the front lines won him the admiration of many, and the ship became a familiar sight throughout the V.R.A..

Appearances Edit

  • The Flamestar serves as General Mokbel's ship and is playable in Sigma
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