The Galtrone system is a small star system located on the edge of V.R.A. territory. It has three planets, as well as a large asteroid belt between the first and second.

Star Edit

The Galtrone star is a typical, medium-sized yellow star. It is generally estimated at 4-5 billion years old, and its anticipated lifespan is another 5-6 billion. It is notable for its large solar flare events, which occur on average approximately once every five years. These flares can stretch for hundreds of millions of kilometers into space, and are a major tourist attraction to those brave or foolhardy enough to get close.

Geography Edit

The system has three planets, and an asteroid belt between the first and second. The asteroid belt is filled with rocks of all sizes, from a few meters to several kilometers in length. Additionally, it is suffused with radioactive nebulae, which are known to corrode ship hulls and disable instruments.

List of Bodies Edit

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