Fig. 1.1: View of Hizeevak from orbit

Hizeevak is a large planet with a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere located on the edge of Zevestivan territory. It has two moons, which orbit very close to each other, and supports sizable Zevestivan military installations in many parts of the planet, as well as on both moons.

System: Hizeevak
Diameter: 20837 kilometers
Satellites: Two small moons (classified Gaia (Forest))
Climate: Cool, precipitation varies by region
Planetary Classification: Gaia
Distance To Star: 1.2 AU
Affiliation: Zevestivan, later V.R.A. and U.C.
Population: 10,000
Discovered: 13387 HSY
Founded/Colonized: 13428 HSY
Role: Military Outpost
Status: U.C. Military Facility

History Edit

Pre SigmaEdit

Hizeevak was previously known as Orso by the V.R.A. during colonization operations between its founding in13407 HSY and the Zevestivan invasion and takeover in 13425 HSY.

First Zevestivan War Edit

During the First Zevestivan War, the planet was the site of a major battle between the V.R.A. and the Zevestivan Empire, with the V.R.A. winning a decisive victory, both in space and on the ground. This battle would later be known as the Battle of Hizeevak.

Climate Edit

The planet is primarily Earth-like in terms of climate, which means it varies greatly from region to region. Overall, however, the atmosphere is somewhat cooler than that of comparable planets elsewhere, as it is recovering from an ice age, and the temperature has not yet risen to normal levels. Precipitation varies greatly from region to region, but is usually in the area of 40-50 cm annually (however, most of this is as snow, which is much less dense than water). As the planet is recovering from an ice age, approximately 45 of the 62 weeks of the year feature subzero temperatures, making this planet very inhospitable to most cold-blooded life.

Geology Edit

The planet is primarily composed of a silicate material, with large deposits of iron and aluminum ore. It is geologically stable, and features no active volcanoes, although there are a number of dead ones scattered all over the surface. Earthquakes are uncommon, and continental drift is estimated at 0.001 cm/year in most areas. Occasionally, a large fissure, hundreds of kilometers long, will open in the ocean floor, and lava will spew from it, although this phenomenon only occurs approximately once every ten to twenty years.

Geography Edit

There is only one continent, which dominates approximately 40% of the planet's surface area. This continent contains a number of different climactic zones, including a desert, a number of boreal forests, and a number of long mountain ranges. There are a number of large lakes, which are the only fresh water on the planet. Scattered around the planet are a number of long, narrow islands, produced by the lava fissure events. The ocean floor is filled with trenches and mountain ranges, indicating a violent geological past, and a number of the Zevestivan bases are located underwater.

Moons Edit

The two moons of the planet are small swamp worlds filled with marshes of all descriptions, making them perfect hiding places for military installations, which is, indeed, what the Zevestivan have done. They have a number of small bases located on the moons, in case the main ones on the planet are rendered non-functional for whatever reason.

Appearances Edit

  • Hizeevak appears in a V.R.A. campaign mission, as well as a skirmish and multiplayer map in Sigma
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