Fig. 1.1: A lone Hog as seen in Sigma

'Hogs' are a nickname given to a space-born life form native to the Sintar Cluster.


Hogs are simple multicelluar beings that exhibit characteristics of most celestial fungi. They lack true cell walls and as such their organic mass is delicate and prone to being injured easily. Most Hogs are roughly 300 meters in length, have purple or pink flesh, and are characterized by several large vacuole sacks and two or more drifting tentacles. Large members of the species can reach a size of 1000 meters and display massive bloated vacuoles for storing materials as well as creating spores, the main method of Hog reproduction. There's some evidence that suggests the Hogs might he a distant cousin of the Ekoset and that they might have shared a common ancestor.

Culture and Society

Hogs are docile, primitive, and seem to lack sentience. They are extremely passive and seem to be unaware of anything in their current environment, including other predators. Most often they gather in massive convoys and scour space for anything they can consume. Their primary diets include substances created by corroding most unprocessed metals. As such they are often found 'hogging' resource sights and blocking mining ships from their duties, hence their nickname. For this reason Hogs are considered a massive pest despite their harmless nature.


Fig. 1.2: Early concept art of Hogs.


Hogs have no known technological capability.

Role in Plot

The Hogs have little to do with any plot points.


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