The Horovine Standard Year (HSY) is a standard unit of time measure throughout the Sintar Cluster. Despite the fact that it is based on the calendar system of Horovine rather than the home planet of any of the other powers, it is the most commonly used measure, and is used in almost all commercial transactions, as well as in many official records.


The HSY system originated on Horovine in approximately 12948 HSY, created by historian Gregory Sutomos to better chronicle the planet's past. 0 HSY is the year of the First Unification, when ancient warlord Sevaltch Orante unified the inhabited regions of the planet.

Numbering SystemEdit

Years prior to 0 HSY are referred to as BFU, standing for Before First Unification. 0 HSY itself is the year of the First Unification, and subsequent years have occurred since that time are simply referred to as [interval] HSY.


The HSY is divided into 9 months, each 37 days in length. Dates are referred to in the format of dd-mm-yyyyy. There are no set weeks, as the length of the year is not conveniently divisible by any number larger than 3.