Fig. 1.1: A Jesmissic base in orbit of a star as seen in Sigma.

The Jesmissic are a mysterious race that may or may not be indigenous to the Sintar Cluster.


Virtually nothing is known of Jesmissic physiology as none of the other races have seen what a true Jesmissic looks like.

Culture and SocietyEdit

The Jesmissic appear to operate under some form of unified political system, though what form it takes is unknown.


The Jesmissic seem to be lacking in some technological areas such as weaponry, however they have mastered disciplines such as gravity manipulation. They often experiment with quantum singularities and a Jesmissic base of operations is almost always stationed in a safe orbit around a solar body. The Jesmissic are also infamous for their liberal use of fighter craft, and appear to lack larger combat vessels.

Role in Plot Edit

Horovine-Jevoron WarEdit

Little was known of the Jesmissic during this period.

First Zevestivan WarEdit

Around 13449 HSY, Jesmissic fleets began to set up outposts around several stars in both V.R.A. and Zevestivan territory. Eventually it was discovered they planned to generate larger gravity wells in the cores of the stars in hopes that they would spark and manifest into black holes. The Jesmissic threat was dealt with accordingly by the V.R.A..

Appearances Edit

  • The Jesmissic appear as an NPC race on several maps in Sigma
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