The Jevoron are a deeply spiritual and culturally traditional species native to Jevoron Prime, and a playable faction in Sigma.

Physiology Edit

The Jevorons are an uncharacterized species nearly ten feet in length. They possess six appendages, all of which can be used for locomotion and four of which can be used as hands. Two tentacle-like structures drape from the head of a Jevoron - it is believed their only purpose is to help maintain balance when not walking on all six legs. The skin of all Jevorons is a light sky blue and notable for being very soft and delicate. Jevorons have a pair of eyes illuminated orange by bioluminescent bacteria- these eyes are largely inefficient compared to those of other notable races, and as such Jevorons are attributed to being near-sighted and lacking depth perception.

Culture and Society Edit

Jevoron society is extremely traditionalist and rigid, valuing social harmony over innovation and curiosity.

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