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[[File:Jevoranprime.PNG|thumb|220x220px|Fig 1.1: Jevoron Prime]]'''System: '''Jevoron Prime
[[File:Jevoranprime.PNG|thumb|220x220px|Fig 1.1: Jevoron Prime]]'''System: '''Jevoron Primary

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Fig 1.1: Jevoron Prime

System: Jevoron Primary

Diameter: kilometers

Satellites: Unknown

Climate: Xenon-Dominant Atmosphere

Planetary Classification: Crystalline

Distance To Star: AU

Affiliation: Jevoran

Population: Billion

Discovered: HSY

Founded/Colonized: HSY

Role: Jevoron Homeworld

Status: Radioactive Wasteland

Jevoron Prime was the homeworld of the Jevorons, famous for its striking blue Xenon atmosphere and massive deposits of Yorulu crystals. At its height, Jevoron Prime was home to countless cities and stations along its glittering surface and in orbit. It was destroyed by V.R.A. orbital nuclear bombardment, almost all of its population being killed with the exception of a handful of escaping ships. As the V.R.A. stripped Jevoron Prime's atmosphere, the world is now uninhabitable for forseeable generations.


Jevoron Prime has a notable cloud of Yorulu crystal fragments and small satellites orbiting it, likely remnants of its formation.

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