Fig. 1.1: Stained Glass portrayal of Kazaryl

Kazaryl [kah-zah-rahyl] is an important angelic figure in Zevestivan Faith.


Kazaryl possibly means "Judge," though this name might be a mistranslation as most angelic figure's names reflect a roll they assumed. Kazaryl never assumed the role of a judge and simply established the Covenant of Velothi.


Kazaryl is usually portrayed as a humanoid female wearing a dark red Kobral gown and dark red Zardu Belt. Older depictions portrayed her as less humanoid like Zoral and Zagophon. Modern depictions likely display her as humanoid with only two wings because she assumed a more humanoid form in many religious texts. It should also be noted that many modern depictions portray her as wearing a long sleeved shirt and a dark red Zardu, implying that she is both married and in a position of power. There is no clear connection as to why this depiction became so popular in modern Zevestivan art, as Kazaryl's marital status and position amongst divine figures is never mentioned in her single appearance.

Role in Zevestivan FaithEdit

Kazaryl's only role in the Kor Zoridil was the forming of the Covenant of Velothi between Azalyn and Malzazta. After the foundation had been set she gave Malzazta her blessing.

Zev ChurchAlyst

Fig 2.1: Zevestivan Command Church depicting stained glass of Alysta (Left) and Kazaryl (Right).


  • Stained glass depictions of Kazaryl may appear on Command Churches built by a Zevestivan player in Sigma.
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