Fig. 1.1: Stained Glass portrayal of Kezkaz

Kezkaz [kez-kawz] is an important angelic figure in Zevestivan Faith.


Kezkaz roughly translates to "Laughter", "One with laughter", or "One who brings laughter."


Kezkaz is usually portrayed as male dressed in green with a Kozan Chest Plate, though there have been female depictions. It is notable that he, along with Kolzkolnolt, are usually portrayed with upper torsos despite the fact they are only ever described as disembodied heads much like Zoral and Zagophon in many religious texts. Reasons for this common portrayal with torsos is likely to display outfits associated with their color (a green shirt for Kezkaz, blue for Kolzkolnolt).

Role in Zevestivan FaithEdit

Kezkaz is a chief angelic figure that makes several appearances in the Kor Zoridil. His first appearance was in the Script of Gorik where he convinced a group of suicidal Zevestivan people to laugh and not give into misery. ("You must laugh with me, come and laugh. To be miserable is turn your back on Monar Veloth. Now come and laugh, and see what you have.") Occasionally Kezkaz will appear alongside Kolzkolnolt. Being recognized as opposite genders, both Kezkaz and Kolzkolnolt are sometimes associated with being husband and wife despite there being no claim in any religious work.

Zev CathKezkaz

Fig: 2.1: Stained Glass of Kezkaz on a Zevestivan Cathedral.


  • Stained glass depictions of Kezkaz may appear on Cathedrals built by a Zevestivan player in Sigma.
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