Kolmahn [kohl-mawn] is the fanatical leader of a Zevestivan religious order and major antagonist in Sigma.


Fig. 1.1: Half-Monarch Kolmahn (circa 13450 HSY)

Gender: Male
Species: Zevestivan
Affiliation: Eurokan Empire, Cult of Monar'Veloth
Rank: Half-Monarch
Status: Deceased
Born: 13407 HSY
Died: 13453 HSY


Kolmahn is a roughly baseline male Zevestivan. His skin is a typical grey-green. He also lacks any horns protruding from his skull and is roughly 8 feet, 4 inches in height. Kolmahn's personality is described and angry, zealous, stubborn, and unforgiving of those who he dislikes.

Role in PlotEdit

Early ChildhoodEdit

Kolmahn was born into a lower class family in one of Eurokan Prime's many slum areas. Beaten often in his early childhood, Kolmahn developed a very brutish and spiteful persona as he matured and learned. Eventually he was taught by religious zealots of Monar'Veloth and soon he joined their order. After years of servitude in the order Kolmahn attempted to become the organization's new leader and was eventually voted in. Now head of the Order of Monar'Veloth and financially stable, Kolmahn set out to challenge one of the twelve Half-Monarchs to take their place. After killing Half-Monarch Shazardu in one on one combat, Kolmahn was granted the title and assumed direction of the Empire's religious aspects.


Half-Monarch Kolmahn proceeded to increase spending on religious influences throughout the Empire in an attempt to enlighten unknowing Zevestivans. After learning of their galactic neighbors, the Horovinians, Kolmahn began a heavy anti-xeno campaign that claimed all alien lifeforms were servants of Kaldemoz, the Zevestivan equivalent of a devil entity. His campaign was largely successful until 13449 HSY when Kydora became the matriarch of the Empire and began her mission to unite the sentient alien life in nearby systems. Kolmahn was highly opposed to this course of action but had no choice but to serve under the Matriarch. Disgruntled for nearly a year, Kolmahn was eventually satiated in 13450 HSY when Kydora declared war on the V.R.A. and revealed her true plans to him. He credits his unwavering prayers to Monar'Veloth as the reason such a glorious war came about.

First Zevestivan WarEdit

Half-Monarch Kolmahn served as a lead general in many skirmishes against the V.R.A. His undying hatred of mankind led him to willingly plead to eventually lead the main attack force against Horovine when the time came. Kolmahn was largely successful in many of his attacks, and some of his notable victories include the complete destruction of HQ 9558's defense fleet and the defeat of Commander Hawksin near the Jecon Resource Zone. Kolmahn was forced to retreat to Eurokan Prime after the death of Matriach Kydora in an attempt to organize the Zevestivan fleets. He and Vairuhn lead a defense against an invading V.R.A. fleet, but they were eventually overwhelmed. Kolmahn attempted to initiate his ship's nuclear core in hopes that his self-destruction would leave a gash in the V.R.A. fleet, however his crew deemed the act cowardly and supressed him. Kolmahn had no option but to surrender.

Appearances Edit

  • Kolmahn is a playable character in Sigma
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