Vital statistics
Title -
Gender Female
Race Zevestivan
Faction Zevestivan
Health -
Level -
Status -
Location -
Kydora [kahy-dohr-uh] is a leader figure of the Zevestivan and a major protagonist in Sigma.


Kydora is a middle-aged female Zevestivan. Her skin is a faint greenish turquoise and she is characterized by a violet head-crest. She is roughly 8 feet, 2 inches in height.


Quotes Edit

"I have heard word from God. He has made me witness to the idols that have silently crept into our hearts. I behold the celebrities of flesh and blood that we so uphold and bow to. My eyes have been opened to the factions that kill each other over the escapism created to entertain us. I see clearly now that we worship the very nostalgia itself, halting us and freezing us in pain and in time.
We deem such things flawless and sacred, God says not so! 
We war against each other over such things, God says no more!
Our great empire fell in the Old Times to these things, God has made known that we must rid of them!
This is the word of God that I have been sent: destroy these idols or they will destroy you.

"Long ago my people were not as we are now. We had an empire that spanned the chain of worlds. All was well, and war had began to fade into the past as all had what they needed. We had abandoned our faith, our religions, our God, as all was well.Something unexpected happened though. Sports, entertainment, celebrities, idols...these things our people craved, and in time fanaticism grew around them. At first it was merely petty disputes. Which team was superior, which corporation made the best products, which novel in a series was best.Then the violence began, and people would fight over their chosen brand, their chosen author, their chosen program. As the years went on, entire factions arose and we created war where none was needed. Our society fell apart and we destroyed ourselves over these fake idols that we propped up on pedestals, all on our own. We thought we had abandoned the religions of the past but religion had not been destroyed. It merely changed form, and our people were worse off than ever before. Now we are here in the desert under your thumb, paying for our sins."