Fig. 1.1: Colonel Lyon Stein (circa 13450 HSY)

Lyon Stein is a notable V.R.A. commander, double agent, and protagonist in Sigma.

Gender: None
Species: Horovine
Affiliation: Vederiction of Resource Alliance
Rank: Colonel
Status: Active
Born: 13412 HSY


Lyon Stein is a roughly average Horovinian that displays green eyes, tan skin, and brown hair. He is roughly 6 feet, one inch in hight. Stein's personality is often described as calm, confident, and logical. He is often said to seem very trustworthy and loyal, regardless of the situation.

Role in PlotEdit

Early ChildhoodEdit

Lyon Stein was born on Horovine to Nago Stein, an engineer in the Raptor Division, and Farcyona Stein, a member of the V.R.A. ground forces stationed on Horovine. He was indoctrinated into the V.R.A. as usual, though he chose to remain in passive service as an engineer for a majority of his life. At a young age he befriended Edward Hawksin, who later convinced him to join active service. At the age of twenty-eight he joined active service and trained for five years until becoming the commander of the V.R.A. ship Ankylosaur, a Raptor Artillery Battleship. A year later he married Becca Ary, a famous architect.

Horovine-Jevoron Conflict Edit

Under the command of General Mokbel, Comander Stein participated in the V.R.A. invasion of 13448 HSY against the Jevoron homeworld. Participating in a co-operative command of the fleet's artillery with Commander Hawksin, Stein managed to break through the Jevoron defense network and allow the other Raptor Battleships to fire through and bombard the planet. For his success he was promoted to lead Colonel of the Raptor Division, where his first order of business was to refit his ship as a prototype for a new generation of Artillery Battleships.

First Zevestivan WarEdit

Colonel Stein was left in charge of V.R.A. defense during the first Zevestivan War of 13450 HSY. With his personal fleet of Raptor Battleships and a newly modified Ankylosaur, he successfully held off incoming Zevestivan fleets during a majority of the conflict. In addition he also managed to keep the Sov at bay in the Palreeuh Nebula Rift when the Sov Overseer attempted to annex the entire zone from the V.R.A.. When the Ekoset also began to intrude into the Palreeuh Nebula Rift, the Sov Overseer ended his skirmish against the V.R.A. and requested a temporary alliance with Colonel Stein. Together Stein and the Overseer lead a coodinated assault against the leader of the invading fleet, believed to be the Ekoset President itself. The joint operation was successful, though once the Ekoset had been pushed back the Overseer promptly betrayed Colonel Stein and seized control of the Rift. Colonel Stein was forced to retreat.

Voice ActorEdit

Appearances Edit

  • Colonel Stein is a playable character in Sigma


  • Lyon Stein shares the same last name as his voice actor.