Fig. 1.1: Stained Glass portrayal of Monar Veloth

Monar Veloth [moh-nar-vel-oth] (Elder Zevestivak: Monarveloth; Direct VRA : Monar'Veloth ) is the only deity of the monotheistic Zevestivan Faith.


Monar Veloth roughly translates to "One and Many." (Monar: One, ' : and, Veloth: Many).


Monar Veloth is often portrayed with three blank faces: one facing left, another right, and one towards the viewer. This was a primitive means of capturing Monar Veloth's common theme of appearing as every forefather to those that see him before revealing his true face. Gender is never specified by the deity, though many mortal figures in religious texts refer to Monar Veloth as male. Many physical traits and descriptions of Monar Veloth's appearance are vague, likely do to him being associated as a spiritual being with no form. Occasionally Monar Veloth has appeared garbed in a simple red robe (Script of Kazkal Akon, Script of Bokdol), and in almost every appearance his face is described as appearing as every forefather of the witness until his true face is revealed, which is never described.

Role in Zevestivan FaithEdit

Monar Veloth is the chief and only deity figure in all known Zevestivan religions, a unique trait of the Zevestivan people as many other alien cultures have histories of multiple god figures. While there are references to false deities in the Kor Zoridil: Once in the Script of Zorgal ("These bringers of gifts that claim to be a god will leave you empty and unfullfillied, this I can promise you.") and again in the Script of Kazkal Akon ("I will shelter you from this false light that she brings to you, do not bow before this god unless you seek emptiness."), there seems to be no historical indication that the Zevestivan have openly worshiped or acknowledged another deity figure. Monar Veloth's first appearance in known Zevestivan literature was in the Script of Zakamas, the first chapter of the Kor Zoridil where he is described as bringing life to the first Zevestivan. He makes at least one appearance in every Script of the Kor Zoridil.


Fig 2.1: Stained Glass of Monar Veloth on display.


  • Portrayals of Monar Veloth can be seen on various Zevestivan religious structures in Sigma, notably the Cathedral in orbit of Eurokan Prime.
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