Fox Division muscular enhancement units (MEUs) are cybernetic implants currently undergoing field testing by Agent Hollister and Agent Royzwinter. They are classified at the highest levels, and few even know of their existence.

Specifications Edit

The MEU is a system of fibers and nanomachines that work in tandem with the body's natural muscles to increase the amount of force an individual can exert. While the level of force depends on the size of the implants (the larger the implant, the higher the force output), they can generate anywhere between ten and twenty times what the user's natural muscles can alone. This allows individuals equipped with the implants to lift objects that weigh several tons almost without effort. As they are machines, they also allow a higher degree of precision of motion, which is useful for delicate operations like surgery or computer hacking. The only drawback to the system is that there is a slight lag between the neural command and the mechanical response, as the neural interface has not been perfected. This lag is so slight almost to be imperceptible, but is present nonetheless.

  • Estimated Battery Life: 5 years
  • Estimated Natural Strength Multiplier: 10 - 20 times natural strength
  • Neural Interface Command Lag: 1.7827x10^-4 seconds
  • Known Side Effects: None (further testing needed)

Construction Edit

The MEU is composed of five main components: the battery pack, muscular augmentation caps, artificial muscle fibers, nanomachine command and control system, and neural interface. All of these components are located within the user's body, and are not apparent upon examination.

Battery Pack Edit

The battery pack uses compressed xenon gas to feed a miniaturized fusion generator designed specifically for the MEUs. The generator's gas supply is enough for five years of normal use, at which point it must be replaced.

Muscular Augmentation Caps Edit

The muscular augmentation caps use a magnetic balance system to enhance the muscle's natural pushing and pulling motions, thus increasing the amount of force exerted by the muscle tissue. They are also used to control the artificial muscle fibers, which in turn help to enhance the co-ordination of the natural muscle fibers.

Artificial Muscle Fibers Edit

The artificial muscle fibers are strategically placed among the natural ones, in order to better co-ordinate them and produce more force as a result.

Nanomachine Command and Control System Edit

The system's nanomachines are constantly roving through the muscle tissue, repairing damage on the cellular level, as well as delivering extra oxygen and nutrients if necessary. If they are damaged, the machines will shut themselves down and be salvaged by other nanomachines. They have a weak immunosuppression field, which is used to keep the body's natural defenses from recognizing them as foreign.

Neural Interface Edit

The neural interface is a direct brain interface system used to control the MEU. Electromagnetic probes, placed in strategic areas of the brain, are used to monitor activity and activate the other components of the system as necessary.

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