The Mylock [mee-lok] are an ancient race of four-dimension machines and a playable faction in Sigma.


Like the Horovine, the Mylock are a species of artificial intelligences, composed of microscopic single-celled machines. Individual Mylock cells are highly sophisticated mechanical beings that are able to connect with other cells to create more complex Mylock forms. While larger Mylock forms can vary in appearances, they usually are roughly 14 feet tall and posses tentacled appendages used for manipulating objects. Though the main means of Mylock communication is the transmission of neural thought via radio and other frequencies, Mylock cells often form depressions on their body filled with a liquid substance that reverberates for the purpose of audio communication.

It is unknown whether Mylock cells can affect and control biological cells, although the fear of parasitic Mylock forms is growing among Zevestivan leadership. The V.R.A, as a race of machines, understandably fears the capacity of the Mylock to affect their artificial physiology.

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