Fig. 1.1: The Octopus Omni Gunboat.

The Octopus Omni Gunboat is a protoype vessel used by the V.R.A.. It is a small scale destroyer and only saw limited production.

Affiliation: Vederiction of Resource Alliance
Crew: 80
Armaments: 8 Bar Fusion Blasters, 24 Gattling Cannons, 6 Flak Cannons
Power Source: 1 medium fusion reactor
Propulsion: 2 xenon ignition bar thrusters, 1 single xenon ignition thruster
Role: Small Support Ship
Introduced: 13450 HSY
Current Version: A
Status: Active Service

Gameplay Edit

The Octopus Omni Gunboat is a low tier support ship available to the V.R.A. in Sigma. It can be constructed from any Shipyard Mainframe add-on if a player chose E.W. Hawksin as their commanding officer. The Octopus is considered an early game unit and is ideal as a complimentary vessel for rush tactics.

Though it is packed with significant firepower for its small size, the Octopus is designed to spread its fire in a 360 degree arc. As such it performs best at close range when surrounded by groups of small vessels. Because of its 360 degree firing arc the Octopus also serve as excellent units to cover the backs of retreating vessels when being chased by enemy forces.

History Edit

Pre-Sigma Edit

Much like the Octopus Division, the Omni Gunboat never quite took off after the ship was introduced as a potential support ship for V.R.A. fleets. Their large payloads and systems needed to operate such a small craft proved too costly when cheaper alternatives were available. As such the Octopus Division only manufactured Omni Gunboats upon personal request rather then in bulk.

First Zevestivan War Edit

Commander E.W. Hawksin was personally fond of the Omni Gunboat's design, and felt that in due time it would be taken back to the drawing board and upgraded after the First Zevestivan War broke out. That never turned out to be the case, though Fox Division did use several dozen Omni Gunboats as test platforms for experimental weaponry throughout the war.

Appearances Edit

  • The Octopus Omni Gunboat is a buildable V.R.A. ship under Commander Hawksin in Sigma.
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