Fig. 1.1: The current version of the Owl cruiser. This is the single most prolific ship in the V.R.A. fleet.

The Owl Missile Cruiser is a mainline battle cruiser with a long and storied history in the V.R.A.. It is a midsize cruiser, and is considered the iconic military ship of the V.R.A.

Affiliation: Vederiction of Resource Alliance
Crew: 300
Armaments: 12 Ararite Missile tubes, 18 broadside Flak Cannons
Power Source: 1 medium fusion reactor
Propulsion: 2 xenon ignition bar thrusters, 1 single xenon ignition thruster
Role: Medium Range Battlecruiser
Introduced: 13419 HSY
Current Version: F
Status: Active Service

Gameplay Edit

The Owl Missile Cruiser is a medium tier assault ship available to the V.R.A. in Sigma. It can be constructed from any Shipyard Mainframe add-on once the blueprints for the ship have been purchased from a Colonel Center. The Owl Missile Cruiser is considered a mid-game unit, though there are viable build orders that allow for players to rush them into play early in a match.

Since its missile loads home in on the nearest enemy signature, the Owl performs best at medium range against several smaller targets. While capable of holding off against enemy ships of equal size, Owls are prone to being destroyed by larger Battleships or swarms of smaller units. They are best used as an all-around vessel in V.R.A. fleets, complimenting the weaknesses of more specialized units.

History Edit

Pre-Sigma Edit

Since its introduction in 13419 HSY, the Owl has been one of the most important and enduring elements of the V.R.A.'s fleet. They have been instrumental in several battles throughout the history of the V.R.A., including the First Battle of Bayrco, when a single Owl cruiser, the Longbow, destroyed an entire Zevestivan fleet. Over and over it has been proven that the Owl is capable of producing miracles, but nowhere better than in the Jevoron War, where outnumbered and outgunned groups of Owls were routinely able to overcome long odds and destroy huge groups of attacking ships.


Fig. 2.2: Owl Missile Cruiser unleashes a flak barrage in Sigma.

First Zevestivan War Edit

The Owl cruiser was instrumental in a number of battles during the war, including the Battle of Hizeevak, the Second Battle of Bayrco, and the Battle of the Gazon Corridor. Its resilience, versatility, and power have made it a prime choice for V.R.A. commanders, as well as making it a powerful psychological symbol in both the V.R.A. and the Zevestivan Empire.

Appearances Edit

  • The Owl missile cruiser is a buildable V.R.A. ship in both skirmish and multiplayer of Sigma.