Fig. 1.1: The A version of the Pterodactyl Heavy Carrier.

The Pterodactyl Heavy Carrier is one of the newest ships in the V.R.A., but has served well since its creation in 13447 HSY. Its four large hangars allow it to simultaneously deploy dozens of fighters into battle, making it a formidable support ship in any V.R.A. fleet. The ship was designed solely by Admiral Luroy Willow just prior to the Horovine-Jevoron Conflict.

Length: 460.45 meters
Beam: 653.99 meters
Affiliation: Vederiction of Resource Alliance
Crew: 1500
Armaments: 4 large fighter bays 36 broadside flak cannons
Power Source: 2 large fusion reactors
Propulsion: 18 single xenon ignition thrusters
Role: Fleet Support Carrier
Introduced: 13447 HSY
Current Version: A
Status: Active Service

History Edit

Pre-Sigma Edit

The class was first rolled out in 13447 HSY, just one year prior to the beginning of the Horovine-Jevoron Conflict. There was a huge storm of controversy regarding the design, as it was a radical departure from conventional V.R.A. ship designs. However, the ship proved itself to everyone during the aftermath of the First Battle of Bayrco, when it was used to great effect against Zevestivan forces fleeing the region.

First Zevestivan War Edit

These ships were always found in larger V.R.A. formations throughout the war, and a number of them participated in the Second Battle of Bayrco in order to check a Zevestivan advance towards Horovine. The Zevestivan fleet was distracted by waves of fighters too small for their ships to target effectively, allowing larger ships to close in for the kill. Again, these ships proved their durability, as one had large chunks of its hull blown away, but was still able to limp home safely.

Appearances Edit

  • The Pterodactyl heavy carrier is a buildable V.R.A. ship in Sigma.
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