Fig 1.1: The Rex Battleship

The Rex Battleship is a large, powerful ship in use as a heavy battleship and command ship in the V.R.A. fleet. It is a recent addition to the V.R.A. fleet, but has enjoyed enormous success in every fleet action in which it has participated.

Affiliation: Vederiction of Resource Alliance
Crew: 700
Armaments: 24 ZPM missile launchers, 36 broadside Flak cannons
Power Source: 2 large fusion reactors
Propulsion: 5 single xenon ignition thrusters
Role: Heavy Battleship
Introduced: 13446 HSY
Current Version: A
Status: Active Service

Gameplay Edit

The Rex Battleship serves as a heavy offensive unit in Sigma. It can be constructed from any Shipyard Mainframe add-on once the blueprints for the ship have been purchased from a Colonel Center. Though it is considered a late-game unit there are several build orders designed around rushing Rex production fairly early in the game.

The Rex is ideal at medium range and is best used against other large battleships. Its missiles have a fairly quick rate of fire and their reload time makes the Rex much more effective at spreading damage compared to its smaller missile counterparts. The Rex's durable hull also makes them ideal 'meatshields' for more specialized units such as Raptor Artillery.

History Edit

Pre-Sigma Edit

The Rex Battleship was introduced in 13445 HSY, in response to heightened tensions with the Zevestivan Empire. Critics derided the unorthodox design, but it proved itself over and over again in the simulators, as well as in numerous skirmishes with Zevestivan ships.

Horovine-Jevoron Conflict Edit

Rex Battleships were a key component of the fleet that attacked the Jevoron Homeworld, helping to win key battles both on the outskirts of the system and in orbit of the planet itself. No ships of this class were lost during the entirety of the Horovine-Jevoron Conflict.

First Zevestivan War Edit

By the time of the First Zevestivan War, Rex Battleships were still in short supply, but were able to support all major fleet actions regardless. They were present at the Second Battle of Bayrco and the Battle of Hizeevak, and proved brutally effective in both engagements, as well as numerous others. Zevestivan commanders were unable to get to grips with a ship that could engage them at both medium and short ranges, and this versatility proved overwhelming everywhere the Rex was deployed.

Appearances Edit

  • The Rex Battleship serves as a buildable V.R.A. ship in Sigma.
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