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The Poster for Sigma.

Sigma is a game being developed by Chasen Lindsey (commonly known as UndyingNephalim) on the Pyrogenesis engine.

General Information Edit

Sigma is being developed on the Pyrogenesis engine. It was originally developed as a mod for the Activision game Star Trek Armada 2, but Undyingnephalim switched to the new engine due to the greater gameplay and graphical opportunities it offered. Its main focus is the development of Seven distinct races for multiplayer, though once the proper tools have been developed a story driven campaign will shed light on a Sigma's plot. While Sigma's gameplay was originally based on space combat and expansion, its RTS gameplay is now ground-based, with a retro '80s Scifi aesthetic and plot strongly inspired by the film Brazil.

Gameplay Edit

Sigma is defined as a tactical Real Time Strategy (RTS) game. Up to 8 players can command one of five (seven in the future) races and a fleet of units while managing infrastructure and economic aspects to support those units. While each race is distinct, all play with several key aspects: Resource gathering, base expansion, and unit construction. The five playable factions that have been announced for Sigma are:


A Zevestivan city, showcasing the game's new ground-based gameplay.

  • The Eurokan Empire : A violent and religious group of reptilian beings that focuses on straightforward tactics and traditional RTS gameplay structure.
  • The Sov Consortium: A capitalistic society of insectoid beings that focus on expanding across the map at blitz speeds and spamming massive swarms of tiny and cheap units.
  • The Mylock Regime: A technologically superior race of purely mechanical beings that focus on unmatched mobility, intelligence gathering, and exploiting weak spots in the enemy's force.
  • The Ulant Union: The Socialist government of the Ekoset, a mysterious race of plants that focus on supreme defensive strategy and slowly expanding a single massive base structure as they 'crawl' across the battlefield.
  • The Central Military: The remnant government of the Jevorons, a race of spiritual and traditionalist Xenon-breathing lifeforms that survived the attempted V.R.A. genocide of their people. They can either focus on affordable rush tactics through the Remnant tech branch or defensive but expensive experimental ships of the New Age tech branch.
  • The Aabtani Superorganism: A superorganism based around Yorula crystals and the personality of the Jevoron scientist of the same name. The Aabtani have a very varied playstyle with a radial techtree.

Plot Edit

Sigma charts most of the events that take place during the year-long First Zevestivan War. It is divided into four single player campaigns:

Soundtrack Edit

Sigma's soundtrack is being developed and composed by Stygian White.

Development Edit

Sigma is being developed as a mod with no financial profit. It has been focused in stages to help streamline development. These stages include:


Sigma version Beta 1.0 now using the massively enchanced FO Engine.

  • Beta 0.5: Features the V.R.A. as a full race add-on to Star Trek: Armada II
  • Beta 1.0: Features the V.R.A. and Zevestivan Empire with skirmish and multiplayer only gameplay. Engine has been transferred from Armada2 to Fleet Ops. Product will not require a disk for multiplayer as long as Fleet Ops is downloaded prior.
  • Beta 2.0: Features the five main races with skirmish and multiplayer only gameplay as a standalone release.
  • Sigma 1.0: Features all five races as well as the four campaigns as a standalone release. Effectively the final release of Sigma for ST: A2 before being ported to a standalone engine.

Ownership Edit

Sigma has been copyrighted by Chasen Lindsey (The Undying Nephalim). All rights are reserved and legal action will be taken if anything pertaining to Sigma is produced without prior authorization.

Release Edit

Beta 0.5 can be downloaded here: Sigma Demo on FileFront

Beta 1.0 can be downloaded here:

NOTE: Beta 0.5 is not stand alone and requires Star Trek: Armada II to play.

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