Fig. 1.1: Navigational display of the Sintar Cluster. Jump lane colours do not indicate the government that controls them, but rather the government that first successfully navigated them. If the lane is natural or founded by a race or government that no longer exists (such as those which were established by the Precursors in the Gazon Corridor), it is labeled as natural/unowned.

The Sintar Cluster is a collection of stars and other celestial phenomena that formed in unnaturally close proximity to each other. The Cluster serves as the location in which all the events of Sigma take place.

Characteristics Edit

The Sintar Cluster is an area six light-years in diameter located near the edge of the galactic rim and is approximately 100,000 light-years (9.4605284×10^17 km) from the galactic core. It contains approximately 48 individual stars, 22 which have habitable worlds capable of sustaining most biological life.

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