Fig. 1.1: Unicell Assembly Craft

The Unicell construction pod is a small, maneuverable shuttle used to construct V.R.A. stations, as well as being employed in V.R.A. shipyards. Its uses are many, and it is one of the few V.R.A. space vehicles that is also at home in an atmosphere. Its two modular manipulator arms allow it to perform a variety of tasks, from moving huge chunks of material to welding to ripping apart asteroids. They are sensitive enough to do spot-welds with accuracy better than a Horovine, yet can still be used to move pieces of material much larger than the pod itself. As a result, the Unicell is a mainstay of V.R.A. warehouses and storage operations, and is one of the most common vehicles in the V.R.A..

Affiliation: V.R.A.
Crew: 3
Armaments: None
Power Source: 1 small fusion reactor
Propulsion: 1 single xenon ignition thruster, 4 banks of lateral maneuvering thrusters
Role: Construction vehicle
Introduced: 13439 HSY
Current Version: A
Status: Active Service

History Edit

Pre-Sigma Edit

The Unicell was introduced in 13439 HSY, in response to the need for a new vehicle to work more efficiently on construction projects than Horovinian workers could alone. It was designed to tolerate working in all manner of environments, from deep space to the bottom of the sea and almost anywhere in between. Its lateral thrusters allow it to maneuver horizontally and vertically, as well as rotating itself on the spot on all its axes. Due to these features, the Unicell has been adopted in almost all branches of the V.R.A., from the shipyards to the warehouses to the prisons. It is even rumoured that Fox Division has a few modified pods equipped with cloaking technology for use as infiltration vehicles.

Appearances Edit

  • The Unicell serves as the V.R.A.'s primary assembly craft that launches from a Termite Construction Rig in Sigma
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