Fig. 1.1: The Urchin Missile Frigate.

The Urchin Missile Frigate is a small support ship used in V.R.A. task forces as a picket ship to counter larger enemy vessels. It is one of the oldest designs in the V.R.A., and has gone through numerous revisions.

Affiliation: Vederiction of Resource Alliance
Crew: 60
Armaments: 6 UHEM missile launchers, 6 Flak Cannons
Power Source: 2 small fusion reactors
Propulsion: 3 xenon ignition bar thrusters
Role: Light Support Ship
Introduced: 13421 HSY
Current Version: D
Status: Active Service

Gameplay Edit

Urchin Missile Frigates are a low tier support ship available to the V.R.A. in Sigma. It can be constructed from any Shipyard Mainframe add-on once the blueprints for the ship have been purchased from a Colonel Center. Urchins are considered early-game units and work well with most rush tactics.

The powerful missiles on the Urchin make them excellent anti-battleship units when use in conjunction with other vessels, though the slow fire rate of its primary weapon makes them less ideal against smaller and faster enemies. Urchins are best used at medium range as a complimentary unit.

History Edit

Pre-Sigma Edit

The Urchin was first unveiled in 13421 HSY, just two years after the formation of the V.R.A. It was initially intended as a support ship to complement the larger and more powerful Owl missile cruisers, but its role has gradually changed to that of a picket ship and raider in the intervening decades.

First Zevestivan War Edit

Urchin frigates suffered heavy losses during the First Zevestivan War, most of them destroyed by explosions within their missile bays chain-reacting throughout the ship. Following the end of the war, work began on a new generation of Urchin.

Appearances Edit

  • The Urchin missile frigate is a buildable V.R.A. ship in Sigma.
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