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*Vairuhn is a playable character in ''[[Sigma (game)|Sigma]]''
*Vairuhn is a playable character in ''[[Sigma (game)|Sigma]]''
*Vairuhn is a playable character in skirmish and multiplayer of ''[[Sigma: Open Rebellion]]''
*Vairuhn is a playable character in skirmish and multiplayer of ''[[Sigma: Infestation]]''
[[Category:Notable Zevestivan]]
[[Category:Notable Zevestivan]]

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Fig. 1.1: Vairuhn (circa 13451 HSY)

Vairuhn is an antagonist that appears throughout Sigma.

Gender: Female
Species: Zevestivan
Affiliation: Eurokan Empire
Rank: Head of the Empire's Infantry
Status: Active
Born: 13424 HSY


Vairuhn is a roughly baseline female Zevestivan. Her skin is a common green-teal shade that most of her gender exhibits. She has two rather large vestigial horns protruding from behind her jaws. She is roughly 8 feet, 1 inch in height. Vairuhn is outspoken, bold, arrogant, and generally a proud being. She relishes war and largely sees it as a game where she can prove herself and her superiority. She often claims how proud she is of her intelligence, skills, and physique.

Role in Plot

Early Childhood

Vairuhn was born to Soshlek and Gredreeshu, both common foot soldiers in the Empire's new found infantry. Unable to leave the military to raise their daughter in a more civil environment, Vairuhn was forced to grow up among soldiers while her parents trained. A child among brutal adults, Vairuhn never grew up with those of her age and was always striving to mature and relate to her elder acquaintances.


During 13446 HSY Vairuhn landed a leader position in the Empire's Infantry. Now in charge or organizing all land invasions, Vairuhn would personally train with all the Empire's important generals in preparation for an eventual attack.

First Zevestivan War

Supreme leader of the Zevestivan's ground forces, Vairuhn answered the call of Matriarch Kydora when the First Zevestivan War broke out. After the V.R.A. took over the Zevestivan world of Bazandai, Vairuhn immediately entered with her fleet and landed divisions planetside. No humans were left alive and the planet was retaken and reinforced. Soon after, Vairuhn led an attack on the Bayrco system and commanded continuous ground skirmishes on the planet against V.R.A. forces. Unable to take hold of the world, she eventually retreated back to the Nol Vairuhn in space and ordered a continuous bombardment of the planet. The attack lasted for several days until Vairuhn was recalled back to Eurokan Prime after the death of Kydora to aid in defense. Vairuhn, along with Half-Monarch Kolmahn, desperately attempted to defend the Zevestivan homeworld when a massive V.R.A. fleet invaded the system. The Nol Vairuhn was eventually crippled and nearly destroyed by continuous missile barrages. Trapped in the crippled ship with a broken leg, Vairuhn willingly surrendered with the remaining Zevestivan fleet.

Civil War

While most Zevestivan survivors were suppressed and left to their own devices under surveillance, Vairuhn was targeted by Colonel Orwitz who was present on Bayrco during her invasion. Taking revenge for the attack he personally imprisoned her, assaulted her, and tortured her over the course of the V.R.A. occupation.

The Great Xeno War

After Half-Monarch Kolmahn instigated an uprising to overthrow Human oppressors, Vairuhn was eventually freed from solitary confinement and able to break out of her prison. She personally hunted down Colonel Orwitz and slayed him before taking command of the Nol Vairuhn once again. Under orders of Kolmahn she led many ground invasions in Sov territory throughout the rest of the year.

The Aabtani Infestation

Vairuhn became trapped on the surface of Nimok when a massive Aabtani colony broke out on the surface of the planet. She continuously led a failing defensive against the infestation for several months until she ordered a full retreat from the planet. Once in space, she bombarded the planet in hopes of exterminating the Aabtani planet-side. Her attack failed and the infestation eventually spread into space and engaged her diminutive fleet. Forced to retreat yet again, she eventually found her way back into Zevestivan space where she remained idle until the end of the infestation.


  • Vairuhn is a playable character in Sigma
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