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[[File:Vairuhnmain.png|thumb|350px|Fig. 1.1: Vairuhn (circa 13451 HSY)]]
Vairuhn [vay-ruhn] is an [[Zevestivan]] weapons dealer.{{Infobox character|name = Vairuhn|title = -|gender = Female|race = [[Zevestivan]]|faction = [[Zevestivan]]|health = -|level = -|status = -|location = -}}
Vairuhn [vay-ruhn] is an antagonist that appears throughout ''Sigma''.
{{Sidebar character
|gender = Female
|species = [[Zevestivan]]
|affiliation = [[Eurokan Empire]]
|rank = Head of the Empire's Infantry
|status = Active
|born = 13424 HSY
Vairuhn is a roughly baseline female [[Zevestivan]]. Her skin is a common green-teal shade that most of her gender exhibits. She has two rather large vestigial horns protruding from behind her jaws. She is roughly 8 feet, 1 inch in height. Vairuhn is outspoken, bold, arrogant, and generally a proud being. She relishes war and largely sees it as a game where she can prove herself and her superiority. She often claims how proud she is of her intelligence, skills, and physique.
Vairuhn is a female [[Zevestivan]]. Her skin is a light brown shade, and is roughly 8 feet, 1 inch in height. Vairuhn commonly conceals her head-crest under a violet turban.[[Category:Notable Zevestivan]]
==Role in Plot==
[[File:NewVairuhnconcept.jpg|thumb|220x220px|Fig. 1.2: Vairuhn hawking black market weapons on a Zevestivan colony.]]
===Early Childhood===
Vairuhn was born to [[Soshlek]] and [[Gredreeshu]], both common foot soldiers in the Empire's new found infantry. Unable to leave the military to raise their daughter in a more civil environment, Vairuhn was forced to grow up among soldiers while her parents trained. A child among brutal adults, Vairuhn never grew up with those of her age and was always striving to mature and relate to her elder acquaintances.
=== Pre-Sigma===
During 13446 HSY Vairuhn landed a leader position in the Empire's Infantry. Now in charge or organizing all land invasions, Vairuhn would personally train with all the Empire's important generals in preparation for an eventual attack.
===First Zevestivan War===
Supreme leader of the Zevestivan's ground forces, Vairuhn answered the call of[[Kydora | Matriarch Kydora]] when the [[First Zevestivan War]] broke out. After the V.R.A. took over the Zevestivan world of [[Bazandai]], Vairuhn immediately entered with her fleet and landed divisions planetside. No humans were left alive and the planet was retaken and reinforced. Soon after, Vairuhn led an attack on the [[Bayrco]] system and commanded continuous ground skirmishes on the planet against V.R.A. forces. Unable to take hold of the world, she eventually retreated back to the ''[[Nol Vairuhn]]'' in space and ordered a continuous bombardment of the planet. The attack lasted for several days until Vairuhn was recalled back to [[Eurokan Prime]] after the reported capture of Kydora to aid in defense. Vairuhn, along with [[Kolmahn | Half-Monarch Kolmahn]], desperately attempted to defend the Zevestivan homeworld when a massive V.R.A. fleet invaded the system. The ''Nol Vairuhn'' was eventually crippled and nearly destroyed by continuous missile barrages. Trapped in the damaged ship with a broken leg, Vairuhn willingly surrendered with the remaining Zevestivan fleet.
== Appearances ==
*Vairuhn is a playable character in ''[[Sigma (game)|Sigma]]''
[[Category:Notable Zevestivan]]

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Vairuhn [vay-ruhn] is an Zevestivan weapons dealer.

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Vital statistics
Title -
Gender Female
Race Zevestivan
Faction Zevestivan
Health -
Level -
Status -
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Vairuhn is a female Zevestivan. Her skin is a light brown shade, and is roughly 8 feet, 1 inch in height. Vairuhn commonly conceals her head-crest under a violet turban.

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