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=== List of main V.R.A. Divisions ===
=== List of main V.R.A. Divisions ===
* [[Utility Division Corporation]] (includes [[Termite Division]], [[Bee Division]], and [[Ant Division]])
* [[Naval Utility Division]] (includes [[Termite Division]], [[Bee Division]], and [[Ant Division]])
* [[Bottlenose Division]]
* [[Bottlenose Division]]
* [[Orca Division]]
* [[Orca Division]]

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Fig. 1.1: V.R.A. official logo

The Vederiction of Resource Alliance (also referred to as the V.R.A. or Unity of Mankind), is a military organization established by humans originating from the Horovine star system.


The V.R.A. was established in 13419 HSY as a means to organize mankind into an efficient fighting force should hostile extraterrestrial races intrude into human space. With the discovery of the Jevorons, many deemed it necessary to prepare for such a potential war. Operating under a creed that devotes effort to the securing of resources and defensive matters, the V.R.A. forces all civilians to participate in some way to aid mankind’s fight against their quarrelsome neighbors. Through the will of humanity and the sheer numbers of people involved, the V.R.A. has managed to hold back any and all invaders.


The V.R.A. is overseen by a lead General, and command of certain departments branch off to a series of Colonels under his command. Most of the V.R.A. is split into divisions that manufacture particular ships to aid in military operations, and each of these divisions is headed by a Colonel. All civilians are hevaily indoctrinated from birth and eventually grow to provide some service towards the organization's goals. Service in the V.R.A. is commonly, albeit informally, divided into passive and active categories; passive service being non-combat jobs, whereas active service includes everything from being an infantry soldier to a warship captain.

List of main V.R.A. Divisions

Secondary Divisions

V.R.A. Ranks

V.R.A. Ship Roster


- The V.R.A. is a playable faction in Sigma, Sigma: Open Rebellion, and Sigma: Infestation

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