The Vederiction of Resource Alliance (also referred to as the V.R.A.), is the government of Horovine, a species of expansionist machines originating from the planet Earth, and is a playable faction in Sigma.

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The Horovine are synthetic beings created in imitation of humanity, and as such mimic the physical form and the two chromosomal sexes of their human creators, but are inherently sexless and do not biologically reproduce. These facades of sex are remnants of their initial design by humanity to reproduce in a manner similarly to their creators, but was later abandoned in favor of direct construction. Horovine are capable of processing organic material into energy, and can eat food and drink water, as well as process oxygen. Horovine are artificial down to a cellular level, with an exception of certain structures such as their skeleton. These mechanical cells behave much like organic cells do in a biological species. Over their existence the Horovine have slowly removed human features they deem unnecessary, with many having been reduced to their synthetic endoskeletons, appearing as metallic human skeletons veined with glowing green cybernetics. Only a few, such as Edward William Hawksin, retain some semblence of the human form and psychology.

When killed, a Horovine's body experiences a critical collapse, disintegrating in a burst of energy.


The V.R.A. is the government body of the Horovine, a race of self-replicating sapient machines originally created by humanity. Long ago having either destroyed or abandoned their creators, the Horovine colonized space far away from the Sol system, colonizing the world of Horovine as the capital of an interstellar regime. Believing they are the "Vederiction" or perfection of the human form, the VRA aggressively expands its influence throughout the cosmos, warring with and attempting to exterminate biological races such as the Jevoron and Zevestivan.

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