Fig. 1.1:The Vegator (circa 13450 HSY)

The Vegator (translated as 'Glorious Sun') served as the flagship of the Zevestivan fleet in 13450 HSY.

Captain: Matriarch Kydora (13449 HSY - 13450 HSY)
Class: Zaun Dantis Dreadnaught
Affiliation: Eurokan Empire
Crew: 1200
Armaments: 10 Radioactive Volley Launchers, 10 Disruptor Pulse Cannons
Power Source: 6 nuclear fission reactors
Propulsion: 6 ion thrusters
Role: Dreadnaught/Fleet Flagship
Constructed: 13449 HSY
Status: Destroyed as of 13450 HSY

History Edit

First Zevestivan WarEdit

The Vegator served as Matriarch Kydora's personal flagship during the entirety of the First Zevestivan War. Content with the power of her fleet however, Kydora kept the ship in orbit of Eurokan Prime and the Vegator saw little direct action during the many skirmishes of the war. The Vegator eventually was primed for battle after the V.R.A. commander Soril Valash interecepted a fleet of Poog mining ships and uncovered many of Kydora's future war plans from captives. Being a far superior ship to Valash's Feldspar, Kydora attempted to ambush her prey in the Gazon Corridor with superior firepower. The two engaged in battle and the Vegator proved to be far more then a match for the Feldspar. Even with the help of support fire from the V.R.A. ship Torresque, the Feldspar was nearly destroyed in the fight. Taking advantage of the Vegator's exposed bridge, Commander Valash ordered a direct ramming course into the weak point. The resulting collision nearly ruptured the entire hull of the Feldspar and killed off a majority of the crew and the Vegator suffered massive power failures.

Appearances Edit

  • The Vegator serves as Matriarch Kydora's ship and is playable in Sigma
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