Fig 1.1: A collection of Xilthu attack a V.R.A. base.

The Xilthu are space-borne entities that bear a resemblance to both living and non-living matter that are native to the Sintar Cluster.


Xilthu are composed of mostly mineral and other non-biological substances, and as such are usually classified as non-living and in some cases as a virus. They are always bright green in color and come in a variety of geometric shapes ranging from simple polygons to dodecahedrons. There seems to be no form of organ system in a Xilthu, though its crystalline core is able to build up and discharge a powerful beam of light. Xilthu are capable of limited procreation through simple fission.

Culture and SocietyEdit

While the Xilthu technically could be considered non-living, their behavior suggests that they have some semblance of intelligence. They are able to gather in formations and attack virtually anything that moves, retreating if enough of their group has been destroyed/killed. Some suggest that like a virus they have built in behavior patterns and are simply acting on them to the best of their ability. Some xenobiologists have even suggested that the Xilthu may be artificial in origin because of their specific and almost mechanically predictable behavior. However, as one has never been taken intact/alive, little is truly known about their origins.


The Xilthu have no known technological capability.

Role in Plot Edit

The Xilthu have little to do with any major plot points.

Appearances Edit

  • The Xilthu appear as an NPC race on several maps in Sigma.
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