The Zevestivan [zeh-vest-ee-vawn] are a species of warlike reptilian beings and a playable faction in Sigma.


The Zevestivan are a slender reptilian race inhabiting the closer planets to Horovine space. All Zevestivan are characterized by a snout-like head with a large crest, two long arms ending with five-digit claws, and powerful legs with five clawed digits.

Culture and SocietyEdit

The Zevestivan once held a stable government known as the Eurokan Empire (Referred to as the Zevestivan Empire by Horovine). At its height, their Empire ruled many colonies, and was at the horizon of an age free of war, disease, and poverty. However, craving a sense of belonging but having long abandoned their gods, the Zevestivan turned to reverence of Celebrity culture and consumerism. Over time opposing views led to factionalization and societal collapse as the species waged war over their idols. The once powerful Eurokan Empire faded into scattered colonies, with the Zevestivan experiencing a monotheistic religious revival, many believing their fall was punishment for their hubris. Weakened and scattered, the Zevestivan were attacked and occupied by the Vederiction of Resource Alliance.

As a result of their past experiences, means of entertainment such as games are taboo in Zevestivan culture.


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  • The Zevestivan's appearance was influenced by the Ssi-Ruuk species from the Star Wars novel Truce at Bakura.
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