The Zevestivan Ranking System is the Eurokan Empire's primary method of classifying an individual's role in any military asset or situation.


Zevestivan individuals are generally indoctrinated into military service at a very young age to aid in the desensitizing process. Reaching a higher rank is usually achieved after meeting certain requirements set for each rank, though displayed talents of an individual can lead to either a ship bound path or a soldier bound path. In most cases female Zevestivan fill up the soldier and ground forces of the military due to their lack of education and superior will and strength over male Zevestivan. In most cases it is the opposite for males. Zevestivan usually kill any given officer in the case of demotion.


Zevestivan methods of ranking are similar to that of Horovines, and certain ranks generally could be compared to those of the V.R.A. and most other alien military organizations.

Uniforms and Rank RepresentationEdit

Zevestivan of any given rank wear the standard military uniform (grey for ship service and red for soldier service). In addition, each rank is represented by key outfit additions. Males wear various chest plates to designate their ranks, while females wear more ornamental and decorative bodices around their waists to designate their rank.

List of Zevestivan RanksEdit


Political Ranks

Command Ranks

Support Ranks



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