Fig. 1.1: Stained Glass portrayal of Zoral (possibly Zagophon)

Zoral [zoh-rahl] (Elder Zevestivak: Zoral; Direct VRA : Zoral) is a prominent angelic figure in Zevestivan Faith.


Zoral roughly translates to "Bringer".


Zoral is often depicted as a bodiless head with wings and arms. The gender is unknown since a Zardu Belt or Kozan Chest Plate, key garments often used to specify gender, is always absent. Despite this Zoral is usually referred to as male. Zoral is one of the few angelic figures whose modern portrayals have not been humanized and match those in ancient religious texts.

Role in Zevestivan FaithEdit

Zoral, along with Zagophon is sometimes associated as Monar Veloth's favorite servant, often serving as a bringer of knowledge and wisdom. Together with Zagophon, Zoral is often sent as a messenger of wisdom and hidden knowledge to mortals. Zoral's first appearance in the Kor Zoridil was in the Script of Makza where he and Zagophon brought a warning of calamity. Together they guided the Zevestivan people to a safe land where they would avoid disaster.

Zev CathZoral

Fig: 2.1: Stained Glass of Zoral or possibly Zagophon on a Zevestivan Cathedral.


  • Stained glass depictions of Zoral may appear on Cathedrals built by a Zevestivan player in Sigma.


  • Zoral is sometimes associated specifically with the sun and light in general by the Zevestivan.
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